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Jini Patel

After healing herself (She has been 100% drug and surgery-free for over 20 years), Jini made her healing methods available to other people with ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s, diverticulitis and IBS. After thousands of people healed themselves of their digestive disease, they started asking for her help with other conditions. If you are suffering from IBD I suggest you check out her website and her book “Listen To Your Gut” is a must have for anyone suffering wife IBD.

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Listen to Your Gut
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Unknown-1Digestive disease expert Jini Patel Thompson’s complete natural healing program for irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease includes a 480-page hardcover book and accompanying CD-Rom. Patel Thompson tells how she healed herself from severe, widespread Crohn’s Disease and has now been completely drug and surgery-free for over 20 years. Since the first publication of this book in 2000, Patel Thompson has helped thousands of readers in over 40 countries take back their lives and heal themselves. Even medical doctors have used her holistic program to heal themselves or family members. Patel Thompson emphasizes that since the book contains only effective natural, holistic healing protocols, the reader must be ready to put in the time and focus necessary to connect with their unique body and heal the root-causes of their disease – not just mask the symptoms. Treatments range from healing intestinal bleeding, to heartburn, diarrhea, food allergies, etc. Healing Diets, bodywork therapies, herbal supplements, retention enemas and many more regimens are presented, along with detailed dosage and implementation instructions. The companion CD contains helpful assessment and tracking tools including a Healing Journey Workbook, tests, charts, treatment plans and summaries, quick reference guides and a food diary.

You can order Jini’s book on her website or
at this link:

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