Hi, Welcome to my site,  I’m Paul Nison and I’ve overcome IBD and I’d like to help you. I understand completely when you are suffering with an IBD flare up, the urge to run to the bathroom uncontrollably, the pain is unbearable and the last thing a person wants is a list of things to do to get well. The only thing I wanted was this to stop and all go away immediately! There are answers to explore and options to consider. I’ll do my best to keep this site simple, honest and right to the point so you can apply the methods to help you heal. Please rest assure, I have no interest in making money or taking advantage of your situation. My pure motive is to help people stop suffering and stay healthy. People often contact me about how to get well. I know what to tell them but didn’t always have the time. As much as I tried to make the time I wanted to do something to help people have the information at their finger tips. I first wrote a book but since have new information and resources, so I decided I’d start this site. I pray it will be is helpful to you.

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