Natural Cure For you?

Here’s the deal folks, this diet and lifestyle I am suggestion to heal IBD works!
But the reality is most people won’t do it.

I respect each person’s decision on the path they want to choose and as I said several times on this site, I understand there are people dealing with pain and suffering they often want the quickest way out. The fastest solution, the easiest way.

The natural cure for healing IBD is not quick, easy or fun. It takes commitment, time, discipline, patience and prayer. From my experience, most people would rather suffer from their health challenge than change their lifestyle, especially their diet. If we want to admit it or not, lifestyle change is not easy. Once we are use to doing something, especially something we enjoy, it’s hard to stop.

People love to eat unhealthy foods and live an unhealthy life style. Someone once told me it’s easier to change a man’s religion than to change his diet. I don’t doubt that.

I do know, if I was able to make the change it is possible for anyone. The type of person I mention a moment ago was the type of person I was and no one was going to tell me to eat different. We all have a special emotional relationship with food and I’m no different.

However, after going though the pain, I had a choice to make, change or give in.

I want you all to understand, if you suffer from IBD there is more than one answer as to what actions to take, reguardless of what the doctor tells you, you have choices…

  • Go to the doctor, take their drugs and suffer from the harmful effects of the drugs.
  • Get surgery and have a doctor remove your colon or part of it.
  • Follow my advice and naturally cure your IBD with no drugs or surgery

The first two options are the quick and easy way but the result is not the wise option.

The natural approach takes, time but is the smarter choice in my opinion.

I understand it is not for everyone, but I pray you will at least consider what I have to say and give it a try. Drugs may give temporarily relief of symptoms, and surgery should always be a last resort, the best and wise option is the natural approach and I’m here to help you HEAL IBD!!!

Some questions I often get are below about making the natural drug free choice,

Q. If I go on your program, can I stop taking my drugs?
A. I am not a medical doctor and I cannot tell people to stop taking any drugs they are currently taking. However, if it were me, my goal would be to get off all drugs as soon as possible. The key to good health is feeling well without any reliance on drugs. That should be your goal. Some medications you have to quit slowly, like steroids, but others you can stop immediately. It was very scary for me to stop taking the drugs the doctor had me on because it was the only thing that made me feel okay and relieved the pain. I then found out why I had the pain and when I cut that reason out of my life, I no longer had a need for the drugs.

The connection was my diet. I needed the drugs when I ate a very unhealthy diet that continued to worsen the issue. Once I cleaned my diet, drugs were no longer needed. So my advice is if you are serious about being well without having to rely on doctors or drugs, follow my healing suggestions. If you are not sure, stay on your drugs until you are sure the path you would like to choose.

It’s also important to understand all medications that doctors use have a plant or herb based source. It’s wise to use the natural herb instead of the chemical drug. Many times the herb is much stronger and can do the same job with minimal side effects.

My program prevents one from getting sick and keeps them well. However, if one is already in a sick condition, drugs by doctors (which I don’t suggest) or natural herbs can help heal the condition. Many people come to me on medication to control their illness, and I do not tell them to stop taking it. I tell them what they need to do to get better. If you have faith in what works, you can decide what is best for you. I can tell you some people I have worked with, who have had IBD and got well again, decided to continue taking their medication until they where comfortable with the new life program I introduced to them. Others stopped taking medication as soon as they could. They tampered off as soon as I gave them the correct things to do. In both cases, as long as the people followed my advice, they healed. If you choose to live your life around my program, you will no longer need drugs to control your illness because it will be gone!

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