Plant Derived MSM Caps w/ Turmeric Oil

MSM and Turmeric are both know to be good for inflammation. This product has both.  I like this brand and believe it will be helpful for people suffering from an IBD flair.

Omica Organics™ MSM Capsules with Turmeric Oil are a blend of Natural Plant-Derived Methylsulfonylmethane, combined with Organic CO2-Extracted Turmeric Oil and Ocean-Derived Ionic Trace Minerals. Unlike other MSM supplements derived from petroleum sources, our MSM is derived only from natural plant sources. Omica Organics’100% Pure Plant MSM products are derived from natural wood pulp. Most MSM supplements currently available are obtained from petroleum sources.

In fact, a carbon-dating analysis of Omica Organics’ MSM has substantiated that our MSM is plant sourced, and not derived from fossil fuel material. Because the molecular structure of MSM derived from fossil fuel and natural wood source are identical, it is impossible to distinguish the two or determine the source of either through standard analysis. The only definitive and reliable method of determining MSM source is through carbon dating.

MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is a naturally-occurring sulfur compound which is normally present in small amounts in humans and many foods, which is lost through food refining and processing. MSM is an essential building block for joints, cartilage, hair, skin hair and nails, and also supports energy production in the body. Additionally, research now indicates that MSM may provide natural and effective support in alleviating inflammation throughout the body.

You can order this product on-line or check your local health food store.

As with any supplement if you have a bad reaction stop use. If  you have a bad reactions you can try getting just MSM from your local health food store.

Plant Derived MSM Caps w/ Turmeric Oil, 90 caps – Omica


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