Steps To Heal IBD

Anyone can accomplish healing with this step process. It is highly suggested you make every attempt at accomplishing the steps in order, but even if you need to change the order around do what works best for you. Trying each step is important. People often tell me they have tried everything to get better and nothing seems to work. Each step is important, so you shouldn’t leave anything out.

Also there are many other things you can try besides these steps. I just put here what I have seen to work the best for myself and others. The real answer is to do what works best for you. The bottom line is, do something! Try something. If you never try, you never know.

The key factors to accomplish are:

  • Eliminate the cause of the problem.
  • Cleanse and heal from the damage that was done in the past.
  • Create a diet and lifestyle based on your own personal chemistry.
  • Do not neglect the emotional and spiritual aspects of health.

These key factors can be used to heal all disease, but I am applying it here for people suffering from IBD. If using it to overcome any other health challenge, some adjustments may apply, but the foundational four elements are still the same.

Besides these key four factors, I’ve created a step process list on the right of the screen for you to apply and heal!

You are on your way! Hang in there, healing is right around the corner!

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Step #1: Understanding IBD

If you are suffering from IBD it may seem there is no cure. There is a cure! You can be better! It starts with understanding the cause of IBD. In this video I talk about this topic.