Is My Answer For Everyone?

I can’t say 100% that the information I share on this site will cure your IBD but I can say 100% for sure that if you apply what I suggest and are consistent your condition will improve and most likely get completely well again.

Is it hard to believe that there is an answer for curing IBD without taking drugs or medication. What we do know for sure is a lot of time and money has went into studying for a cure for IBD and there is still no medical cure.

So will my advice work for you and is it the best path for your to take?

This depends are several things.
-Are you willing to admit doctors are confused with their answer for IBD?
-Are you willing to admit that drugs are not a long term cure, just a short term solution to deal with the pain?
-Do you want to have to work to get well or do you want someone or some drug to do it for you?
-Do you believe your illness is stress and diet and lifestyle related and you are not just a victim of a freak inherited auto-immune disease?
-Do you have faith that there is a natural cure and your body can heal itself?

There are many other questions but how you answer will decide if the suggestions I make is the path for you. Most people may try what I say because they simply will try anything to get well. You have to believe and have faith and not just try it to just try another thing.

Why do you need faith in this?
Many people will not stick with something unless they see immediate results. This is the biggest issue I have with people who have IBD. It took your lifestyle many years to create the state of disease it is in. A cure in one week is very unlikely. If you want this to work You have patience and not be a patient.

How long will this take?
I or no one can truly answer this questions. I know that is not the answer you want to hear, but you have to trust and understand you are moving in the right direction by applying these things to your life.

There are 2 situations with IBD, Flare up stage and I pray I never get a flare up again. Each situation must be dealt with differently and I know what needs to be done in both cases.

Will my suggestions work for you?
If you decide to keep viewing the site you are reading I think you are interested enough to have faith in what I am suggesting. If you decide to stop reading now please know you must change something to be well. The definition of insanity is to keep doing the something and expecting something to change. There are many suggestions people, books and doctors that will say they know what is best. I pray you take the path I took to get well, but if you do not please keep doing something, keep searching and never give up!

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