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For gastrointestinal support

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I have had people have success overcome flair ups using this product. As always if you take any supplement and it does not agree with you, especially during an IBD flair up, discontinue use.

  • Formula SF734 is back – with a new formula and a new name – Pepti-Guard™!
    Pepti-Guard is the long-anticipated reformulation of our tried and true standby – Formula SF734. This GI support product is formulated for specific support of healthy flora in the upper gastrointestinal tract, particularly the stomach.*Pepti-Guard helps maintain a healthy balance of GI flora while helping soothe and heal mucus membranes.* This new product contains the same primary ingredients – deglycyrrhizinated licorice (DGL), berberine HCl, and bismuth citrate – as Formula SF734. However, the bentonite clay has been replaced with a potent aloe vera extract with significant GI healing properties.*Aloe vera is used to soothe and heal the sensitive mucus membranes of the GI tract.* We have sourced the highest quality aloe vera on the market for this product – DaltonMax 700®. It is organic and is taken only from the inner gel of the aloe plant. It does not contain any other portions of the plant that might cause gastric upset or have a laxative effect.

    Pepti-Guard is sold in a 120-count bottle instead of a 90-count bottle. By increasing the amount of berberine and bismuth per capsule, the new suggested use is two capsules twice daily instead of the previous recommendation of two capsules four times daily. We believe this more streamlined dosing schedule will allow for better patient compliance without compromising therapeutic effectiveness. Although the price per bottle is more, it will save your patients money in the long run. For example, our current eight-week protocol requires two bottles of Pepti-Guard, while our previous eight-week protocol required six bottles of Formula SF734.

    Key benefits of Pepti-Guard include:

    DaltonMax 700® aloe vera extract soothes the mucus membranes of the GI tract*
    Double the amount of berberine HCl and bismuth citrate per serving allows for easier dosing
    Streamlined dosing at 4 caps/day instead of previous 8 caps/day dosing increases compliance
    Concentrated formula reduces patient’s cost to complete the eight-week protocol
    Key benefits of DaltonMax 700, an extraordinary aloe vera extract:

    Extracted only from the inner fillet gel, which has NO LAXATIVE OR IRRITATING EFFECTS
    Low-heat dehydration preserves the bioactive ingredients
    200:1 potency for maximum benefit
    Organic and solvent-free for maximum purity

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