Why I Care

The Need to Let Everyone Know the Cure! 

I was so amazed and thrilled with my healing of a disease that doctors didn’t have a cure for. In fact to this day, they still do not have a cure. As for me how could I keep quit about it?

In my premature enthuisum I told everyone and anyone they can be cured from any disease. Any of you who have suffered a painful life threatening disease will most likely have a passion to let others know the so-called cure.

The more people don’t listen the louder I spoke. I remember I tried to explain the vast improvement in my health to my doctor and others, but they all told me I was wrong, or I was one in a million. They told me raw foods couldn’t cure Colitis or anything else. After talking to many people about it, I began to believe that I was wasting my time. No one wanted to listen to me. So I decided not to talk about it anymore. I knew I was cured and feeling better. That was the only important thing for me at that time in my life.

My heart wanted to help others but my rejection of this answer slowed me down. Until an amazing thing happened that changed my life forever (and hopefully yours also)

I never wanted to talk about my healing after the early rejection of my message. That all changed when a good friend, who I hadn’t seen in a while called to inform me that he had recently been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis.

At first, I was hesitant to talk to him about it. Then after hearing about the pain he was going through and understanding it I felt I had to listen. I told him my story and everything I went through, and how I got better. He seemed very wary of giving it a try because his doctor had told him, “Raw foods are bad for someone with Ulcerative Colitis.” After telling him the doctors told me the same thing, he said he would give it a try. I advised him to go on a fresh fruit-juice diet for 24 hours. He said he knew what fresh juices were, and I made the mistake of assuming he did — big error on my part.

The following day, his mother called, screaming at me that I tried to kill her son. I asked what the problem was, and she told me he had to be rushed to the hospital.

He called me a few days later, and when I asked him what the problem was, he told me my suggestion didn’t work and made his condition worse. I asked him what juice he had used. He told me Gatorade Sports Drink. I told him that wasn’t a fresh juice, and he said that the doctors told him it was the worst case of an UC attack they had ever seen. (I’ve heard this many times from many UC sufferers). To make matters worse, the hospital was feeding him very unhealthy food.

My friend decided to go through with the operation and get his colon removed. He hadn’t found an answer and wasn’t willing to live with the pain. I can relate to not wanting to live with the pain.

After hearing his story, I decided I must provide people with information about the raw food diet and health. People need to know that there is, in fact, a way to heal naturally. It is a fact that if you eliminate the cause you will eliminate the problem.

What I Do With This Information

My life is now dedicated to continuing to study the physical, emotional and spiritual causes that lead to disease. My passion is to understand and explain the results and information in a simple, motivating way for people to understand and be excited to achieve great health. We all have to be enthusiastic and disciplined if we want to succeed. I am proof it is possible to obtain.

We live in a time where more people than ever before are getting sick, and most people are confused about what is healthy and unhealthy because of the bombardment of advertisements they encounter everyday. This has resulted in the world’s current tragic condition, especially when it comes to dealing with disease.  Many people like myself, use their trials as a wake-up call and develop a passion and appreciation for a life they never had before.

I have given hundreds of presentations about health and healing, and people are getting the point! Others have overlooked and rejected this information before making any attempt to confirm it. Instead, they choose that which will cause disease. A majority of us reject this knowledge willingly; however many have been deceived. Lack of knowledge and laziness are often reasons why people continue to stay addicted to an unhealthy lifestyle. The great news is that more information is available than ever before to help guide people back in the right direction. It’s such an exciting time to see people gaining the passion for life. Never before have I seen so many people sick and never before have I seen so many people with a passion to stay healthy.

I present this message because I have been blessed with insight about this subject and because it worked in my life, restoring me to health! I want to share this understanding with all who seek to be well.

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