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Step #3: Eliminate The Cause

“The doctors don’t know the cause of IBD” is what I hear often. They don’t, but I do!.

As we have seen in the previous steps we must first understand the body to understand the cure. Before we start with the diet we should consume, weather we are in an inflammatory stage or not. We first have to eliminate the cause of the problem. It’s counter productive to begin cleansing and eating healthfully, if you haven’t stopped consuming harmful foods. It’s true that eating healthfully will be beneficial no matter what you’re doing, but discontinuing the health defeating behavior should be started as soon as possible.

Many eat a very bad diet, but because of their lack of understanding about health, they don’t realize it. Most continue to get sicker and sicker every day because of their excessive, yet insufficient diets. As soon as possible, that would be right now, eliminate all things that are going to bother your condition.

If your colon is inflamed it needs rest! Even solid health foods can bother a flare. Rest that colon and give it the time it needs to heal.

Now if you are not in an inflamed attack doesn’t mean it is okay to consume any type of food. If you keep thinking that, it will quickly lead to an attack again. If you are out of the inflamed stage it is a great time to eliminate from your diet all the things that can cause the problem to come back.

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Step #4: Diet For IBD

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