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Step #7: Fasting & Blending

When consuming juices remember to get your leafy green vegetables.  The reason leafy greens are helpful is to get chlorophyll in the body.

Chlorophyll is the liquid of the plant and is loaded with oxygen. Chlorophyll is created in plants as a result of a conversion of the sun’s energy. When we eat plants containing chlorophyll, this vital energy is transferred to us.

In addition, the chlorophyll molecule is very similar to that of hemoglobin, the oxygen carrier in the blood. Leafy green vegetables are the best source of chlorophyll. Seaweed, algae and wheatgrass are other good sources.

Someone suffering from IBD has a lack of oxygen in their blood and needs to replenish it to create healing in the gut. Usually the darker leaves contain more chlorophyll. Unfortunately, the darker the leaf, the more bitter the taste, but dark green is health-promoting and healing.

All solid food must be eliminated during a fast. The gut is very inflamed and needs as much rest as possible.

When we consume food, we are making the colon work. It’s like a sprained ankle that caused inflammation. When we sprain our ankle, we wouldn’t go running on it or even attempt to. If we did, we would make the problem worse. IBD is inflammation on the inside of our body. Our insides need to rest!

If you are very hungry, you can add almond milk.

Almond milk shouldn’t be taken more than 8 ozs., 2 times a day at most. Do not buy almond milk from the store. Learn to make it at home. The milk in the store is not fresh. To make almond milk, try the recipe:

Almond Milk

1 cup soaked almonds

2 cups water

Stevia sweetener to taste

Toasted carob powder (optional) to taste

Soak one cup of almonds overnight for at least 6 hours. Mix almonds with 2 cups of water and blend. Take liquid and pour it into a nut milk bag or cheese cloth separating the liquid from the pulp. Mix into the liquid stevia and toasted carob powder. The stevia will sweeten the drink and the carob powder is binding and will help control your trips to the bathroom. Blend the liquid again and serve room temperature. You can discard the pulp that you separated from the liquid. In the future when you make this drink, after you are better, you can use the pulp for recipes. But for now, discard.


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